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January 10, 2005



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Economic & Trade Information relating

to ASEAN Countries – October-December 2004


Sent herewith is the latest Economic & Trade information in respect of the following  countries as received from the respective Indian Embassies/ High Commissions, Websites and other sources, as also highlights of India's Foreign trade, extracts of Press Releases relating to India-ASEAN-Sri Lanka, and list of Trade Fairs/ Exhibitions to be held.


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·         Members Directory 2004/2005 of National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka

·         National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka Magazine – Sept-Nov 2004.


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The Chamber wishes all its Members a Very Happy and Prosperous New Year.



The Chamber expresses its deepest sympathies to the families in India, Sri Lanka, ASEAN and other countries,  who have lost their loved ones in the tragedy caused by the Tsunami.


Extracts of the Closing Remarks by H. E. Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of the Republic of Indonesia, at the ASEAN Leaders’ Special Meeting on the aftermath of Earthquake and Tsunami, held at Jakarta on 6th January, 2005

(Website of Dept. of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia)


“We have just completed our deliberations on our coordinated and concerted response to the tragedy of 26 December 2004 and the crisis taking place in its aftermath.

In the spirit of solidarity, we have threshed out ways and means of intensifying the current relief and rehabilitation work being carried out in the stricken areas. More important, we have established a system by which this massive effort can be carried out in a more coordinated manner.

We have, moreover, taken the first steps toward ensuring our preparedness to quickly and effectively deal with natural disasters in the future—through transnational, multi-sectoral collaboration.

We have directly appealed to the United Nations Secretary-General in person to appoint a Special Representative to enhance coordination among donor countries, international organizations and non-governmental relief organizations with the governments of affected countries.

We have requested the World Bank, the Asian Development Bank, the Islamic Development Bank and other international financial institutions to provide the funds necessary to ensure the viability and sustainability of national rehabilitation and reconstruction programmes.

We have agreed to establish a Regional Disaster Early Warning Centre for the Indian Ocean region.

In the framework of ASEAN, we have decided to establish a stand-by arrangement for the use of military and civil defense personnel and logistics for disaster relief operation.

We will also be setting up an ASEAN Humanitarian Assistance Centre and an ASEAN Disaster Information-sharing and Communication Network.

We have no illusions that we have resolved the crisis at hand: the tasks of relief, rehabilitation and reconstruction that we have to carry out will take five to ten years, with resources beyond the means of any single country. We have a long way to go.

Nevertheless we know that we have made a sensible beginning. And we know that we can build reasonable and realistic hopes on that beginning …..”.





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January 4        Myanmar                     National Day

February 4       Sri Lanka                     Independence Day

February 23     Brunei Darusalaam     National Day

June 12           Philippines                   Proclamation of Independence

August 9          Singapore                    National Day

August 17        Indonesia                     Independence Day

August 31        Malaysia                      National Day

Sept 2              Vietnam                       National Day

November 9    Cambodia                   Independence Day

December 2    Laos                            National Day

December 5    Thailand                      H.M.King Adulyade Birthday


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(PIB Release, Govt of India – 13th Dec., 2004)

Registering a record growth, India’s exports during April-November 2004-05 are valued at US$46393.61 million ($ 46.3 billion) which is 24.02% higher than the level of US$37406.93 million (37.4 billion) during April-November 2003-04. This is over and above the 8.52% export growth in April-November, 2003-04 over April-Nov. 2002-03. In rupee terms, the exports were Rs.211141.19 crore, during April-November, 2004-05 which is 22.14% higher than the value of exports during April-November, 2003-04.

Exports during November 2004 are valued at US $ 6097.29 million is 25.91% higher than the level of US $ 4842.61 million during November 2003. In rupee terms, the exports were Rs. 27514.05 crore which is 24.81% higher than the value of exports during November, 2003. This is over and above the 19.61% export growth in November, 2004 over November 2003.

Imports during April-November 2004-05 are valued at US $ 64265.79 million representing an increase of 34.47% over the level of imports valued at US $ 47790.74 million in April-November, 2003-04.

Oil imports during April-November 2004-05 are valued at US $ 19944.51 million which is 55.79% higher than oil imports valued at US $ 12801.84 million in the corresponding period last year. Non-oil imports during April-November, 2004-05 are estimated at US $ 44321.28 million which is 26.67% higher than the level of such imports valued at US $ 34988.90 million in April-November, 2003-04.

Thus, it will be seen that value of India’s total imports during April-November was a little over $ 64 billion and of this, petroleum and petroleum products alone accounted for $ 20 billion.

Imports during November 2004 are valued at US $ 9042.91 million representing an increase of 43.12% over the level of imports valued at US $ 6318.30 million in November 2003. In rupee terms, the imports increased by 41.87%.

The trade deficit for April-November, 2004-05 is estimated at US $ 17872.18 million which is higher than the deficit at US $ 10383.81 million during April-November 2003-04.

PAN made mandatory for more transactions

(Business Line 4th December, 2004)

The Finance Minister has also expanded the list of transactions for which Permanent Account Number (PAN) will have to be specified in all documents pertaining to such transactions.


A person making an application to a bank or a credit card company for issuing a credit card would have to necessarily mention PAN in all documents relating to the application.


PAN is also to be quoted in all documents pertaining to payment of an amount of Rs.50,000 or more to a mutual fund for purchase of its units.


Further, every person is now required to specify PAN in all documents pertaining to payment of an amount of Rs.50,000 or more to a company for acquiring shares issued by it.

A similar stipulation has also been made for payment of an amount of Rs.50,000 or more to a company or an institution for acquiring debentures or bonds issued by it.


PAN has to be specified in all documents relating to payment of an amount of Rs.50,000 or more to the RBI for acquiring the bonds issued by the Central Bank


Textile quota policy amended

(The Business Standard - Dec. 2, 2004)

With less than a month to go for the phasing out of textile quotas, the textiles ministry has made amendments in the quota policy pertaining to garments, knitwear, yarns and made-ups.  The amendments will ensure continuity in the policy for exporters during the transition period under the quota-free regime.  The amended notification will be effective initially for a period of one year starting January 1, 2005.  Under the amended policy, provisions relating to the procedures dealing with quota malpractices by exporters and provisions relating to the supervisory role of the textile commissioner, would continue beyond December 2004.


Tourism sector adds its weight to forex kitty

The Economic Times, Mumbai: November 23, 2004)

For the 10 months ended October 2004, forex receipts from the tourism sector totalled $3,853m, up 38% over the corresponding tally last year.   This total exceeds the forex receipts of $3,602m earned in January-December 2003.   In rupee terms, forex receipts for the 10 months grew 33% to Rs 17,473 crore from Rs 13,103 crore.  Income from tourism was stagnant between 2000 and 2003.


Ministry clarifies on payment of service tax on goods transport agencies

(Business Line: December 29, 2004)

The Finance Ministry on Tuesday (28th) clarified that the apprehension among a section of traders that they would have to pay the service tax levied on goods transport agencies were misplaced.  An official release issued by the Finance Ministry said that the Government has taken steps to ensure that traders are generally kept out of the service tax net.  "Primarily, the liability to pay the service tax is on the goods transport agencies" the release said.  However, if the consignor or the consignee falls under one of the following seven categories

-          factory registered under or governed by the Factories Act;

-          or company established by or under the Companies Act;

-          or corporation established by or under any law;

-          or society registered under Societies Registration Act or similar law;

-          or co-operative society established by or under any law;

-          or dealer of excisable goods, registered under the Central Excise Law;

-          or any body corporate established or a partnership firm registered by or under any law

then the person making payment towards freight would be liable to pay the service tax.


Therefore, unless a trader falls under one of the above categories or makes payment of freight when transacting with any one of the seven categories, the trader would not be liable to pay the service tax.  Thus, a trader sending goods to another trade or any entity outside the above seven categories, would not be liable to pay service tax, even if the freight is paid by him.





(News articles - Extracts)


Internet check-in facility

(The Hindu - November 7, 2004)


Passengers travelling from Chennai to Singapore by Singapore Ailines (SIA) flights, can now have the Internet check-in facility.  This facility allows passengers to do check-in and make seat changes.  Frequent fliers can check in up to nine passengers at a time by the same reservation.  The services are available between two and 48 hours prior to departure.  More details can be had from the website:


Amendments in the ITC(HS) Classifications of Export and Import items 2004-09   

Notification No. 8/2004-09 dt.10.11.2004


The Director General of Foreign Trade has issued the above Notification, restricting the import of articles/ products of copper through selected customs ports under the Indo Sri Lanka Free Trade Agreement (ISFTA) and the same restriction has been imposed in respect of insulated wire, copper and other insulated electrical conductors of copper and 'others'.    (Chapters 74 and 85 of the ITC (HS) Classifications of Export and Import Items, 2004-09)


Laos-India IT centre inaugurated

The Hindu: November 29, 2004


The External Affairs Minister Mr.K Natwar Singh, today inaugurated the Laos-India Information Technology Centre, saying it symbolised "our commitment to sharing our developmental experience with the friendly people of Laos."   Recounting that an MoU for the establishment of the centre was signed only two months ago, he said "the speed with which it was set up would, I hope, provide the benchmark for all collaborative projects between our two countries."   Mr.Singh expressed the hope that the centre, with emphasis on capacity building and e-governance, will have a "multiplier" effect on development processes in Laos.


The Minister also inaugurated the Lao-India Entrepreneurship Development Centre. "This Centre is part of our commitment to the initiative for ASEAN integration," he said adding three more such centres would also be set up in the capital of Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam by early next year.


India-ASEAN sign pact for free trade area

(Business Line - 1st December, 2004)


India and 10 South-East Asian countries signed a partnership pact that pledges to work toward a free-trade area by 2011 and cooperate in areas ranging from information technology to highway construction.  The pact, signed by the Prime Minister of India and leaders of the Association of South East Nations, after their third annual Summit, also calls for cooperation in fighting terrorism, drug trafficking and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.  Besides aimed at boosting trade and investment, the pact also draws pledges by ASEAN and India to enhance cooperation in tourism, culture, sports and people to people contacts.


India to renegotiate Tax Treaty with Malaysia

(Business Line – 29.12.2004)

India is set to re-negotiate the recently-notified revised tax treaty with Malaysia, mainly to prevent treaty shopping.  Treaty shopping arises when a resident of a third country takes unfair advantage of the beneficial provisions of a tax treaty between two other countries, in this case, the Indo-Malaysian tax treaty.  Malaysia is one of India’s largest trading partners among the ASEAN countries, with bilateral trade recording $3.2 billion and projected to cross $4 billion by the year end.    Treaty shopping can be prevented if there is a “limitation of benefit” clause in the treaty.  India is pushing for insertion of this clause in the Indo-Malaysian tax treaty.  The Malaysian authorities have given their ‘in principle’ nod to the re-negotiation.   The revised tax treat with Malaysia was notified recently on October 12, 2004.


MICT Anniversary & ICT week on 21-27 Jan., 2005

(New Light of Myanmar – 2.1.2005)

Myanmar Information and Communication Technology Anniversary and ICT Week will be held at MICT Park in Hlaing Township from 21 to 27 January. Computer accessories, software, hardware and technologies will be on display at 200 booths of the ministries, local and foreign ICT firms.  Workshops such as natural language processing, capacity building and outsourcing model, information security and competitions of programming, web development and network games will also be held during ICT Week. Firms from home and abroad and contestants may contact MICT Park dialling 652272-3-4.

Sri Lankan Airlines asks tourists to confirm hotel reservations

(Business Line – January 4, 2005)

Sri Lankan Airlines Ltd. has asked all tourists to Sri Lanka to ensure that they have confirmed their hotel reservations and check whether transport is available to reach their destination.  In a press release at Hyderabad, the Airline asserted that there was no disruption to airport services or flights arriving in and out of Colombo.  The Bandaranaike International Airport is open and operating normally and was not affected by the disaster, the release said.  The release also clarified that all connecting ‘point service’ hotels had resumed services and were open to accommodate transit passengers.


Foreign tourist arrivals cross 3 million in 2004

(The Business Standard – 6.1.2005)

The total number of foreign tourists visiting the country in 2004 was 3.36 million, according to the annual tourist arrival numbers released by the government today.  Foreign exchange earnings from tourist arrivals grew by 36.1 percent to $ 4.8 billion 2004 from $ 3.5 billion a year ago.  Health tourism was one of the growth areas in 2004.  The segment drew approx. 150,000 patients to the country in 2003 and has the potential to attract one million health tourists every year, contributing about $5 billion to the economy.


Arrival of tourists increased

(The Business Tank – Jan 7, 2004)

According to the source, the number of visitors has increased significantly compared to the last year’s (2003) figures of (April to August). The number of visitors entered from Yangon entry increases by 20,000 to reach 70,000 compared to last year’s 50,000. Similarly, the number of visitors entered from Mandalay and Bagan entries has doubled this year as it reaches 2,000 compared to last year’s 1,000. Moreover, the visitors entered from border entries has increased from 700 during last year to 2,000 in this year, it is learnt.






The government’s prediction of GDP for 2004 was 4.8%, but during the first nine months of 2004, the GDP has grown by 4.89% exceeding the government’s target.  According to Central Bureau of Statistics, GDP grew by 5.03% in the last quarter of 2004.


Exports in the first eight months of 2004 totalled US$ 43.09 billion, a 5.75% increase from the same period in 2003.  Meanwhile, imports jumped by 49% in August 2004 to US$ 4.02 billion from US$ 2.70 billion in the same month of 2003.


The country’s trade surplus increased slightly to US$ 1.89 billion during the moth of August 204 from US$ 1.57 billion in July but dropped sharply from US$ 2.66 billion in August of 2003.




The ASEAN Economic Ministers meeting was held in Jakarta from 3rd to 5th September, 2004.  ASEAN agreed to implement FTA with India from January onwards.  Tariffs on 105 products will be cut step by step under an Early Harvest Programme.  Zero tariffs is aimed by 2007.  The products include agriculture products, chemical and manufactured products. 


It was also agreed to lay emphasis on several areas of economic cooperation for immediate implementation which include cooperation in Information Technology, Outsourcing and IT Parks.


Imports/ Exports


According to preliminary figures released by Central Board of Statistics, Indonesia’s total exports for the period January to November 2004 is US$ 62,753.5 million as compared to US$ 57,055.7 million in the same period of 2003.  The preliminary figure for total imports for January to November 2004 was US$ 41,534.1 million whilst it was US$ 29,665.4 million.


The Central Statistics Agency reported that exports soared to US$ 7.27 billion during October 2004, from US$ 4.49 billion in October 2003.


Exports in the period from January to October 2004 increased by more than 15% from the same 10-month period in 2003, to US$ 58.5 billion, with non-oil and gas exports increasing by 15.76% to US$ 45.66 billion and oil and gas exports rising by 12.74% to US$ 12.87 billion. 




According to the Central Statistics Agency, January-October 2004 arrivals through Indonesia’s 13 main gateways increased by 25.69% to 3.8 million compared to year 2003.  Other gateways contribute some 20% of foreign arrivals.  With this, it was projected that forex earnings will reach US$ 4.5 billion.




Trade in November 2004

Malaysia's trade sustained its high growth in November 2004. Exports increased by 16.9% and imports by 23.5% from November 2003.

A trade surplus of RM5.98 billion was recorded in November 2004, the 85th consecutive month of trade surplus since November 1997.

Exports in November 2004

Exports increased 16.9% from November 2003 to RM38.86 billion in November 2004. The increase was led by higher exports of electrical and electronic (E&E) products, crude petroleum, refined petroleum products, chemicals and chemical products, liquefied natural gas (LNG), iron and steel products, transport equipment and palm oil.

ASEAN absorbed 26.4% of Malaysia's total exports in November 2004 amounting to RM10.25 billion, 23.3% higher than that in November 2003. This was due mainly to increases in exports to Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand. Malaysia's exports to Indonesia valued at RM1.22 billion in November 2004 was the highest monthly export value ever recorded.

Imports in November 2004


Imports in November 2004 amounted to RM32.87 billion, an increase of 23.5% from RM26.61 billion in November 2003, contributed mainly by increases in imports of intermediate and capital goods.

Exports during the period January-November 2004

Total exports recorded during the period January- November 2004 amounting to RM437.06 billion has exceeded the full year total exports of 2003 (2003: RM398.88 billion) by RM38.18 billion. Exports increased by 21.3% compared with the corresponding period of 2003.

Trade surplus during the period January - November 2004 was RM74.02 billion.

Export Destinations

During the period January - November 2004, ASEAN absorbed RM109.29 billion of Malaysia's exports, an increase of 22.1% compared with that in 2003. Increases in exports were registered in all the major markets in ASEAN.

Imports during the period January-November 2004

Total imports for January - November 2004 expanded by 27.1% to RM363.04 billion, surpassing the 2003 full year total imports of RM317.75 billion.

Trade enquiries

A list of trade enquiries is enclosed.





The Singapore Economy registered a moderation of growth in the fourth quarter of 2004.  Advance estimates show that GDP rose by 5.4 percent in the quarter compared to the same period in 2003.


For 2004 as a whole, the economy is estimated to have grown by 8.1 percent in real terms.  The manufacturing sector and services producing industries expanded by 13.1 percent and 7.5 percent respectively, while the construction sector contracted by 6.3 percent.


Total trade


Singapore’s total trade grew a robust 22.2 percent in November 2004, sustaining the strong double digit growth trend that started in February 2004.  However, on a month-to-month basis, total trade dipped 6.7 percent from the level in October 2004.


External trade


In the third quarter of 2004, Singapore’s external trade grew a brisk 27.8%, following the growth of 26.5% in 2nd quarter of 2004.  Total exports expanded by 25.2% on the back of a 25.7% gain in second quarter 2004.  This mainly reflected the robust growth of domestic exports which rose to 25.3% from 22.8% in the same period.  The rate of NODX growth rose to 20.8% from 21.1% in the second quarter.  In volume terms, total trade continued to turn in a strong performance of 25.0% after a 26.0% rise a quarter earlier.


Outlook for 2005


While the rate of global economic growth is expected to ease in 2005, the IMF has projected that it would remain well above levels seen between 2001 and 2003. 


Economic growth rates in key Asian economies are projected to ease in 2005.


An important risk factor to economic growth in 2005 is developments in oil prices.  Due to the small spare capacity in the oil industry, a significant production disruption in any of the key producer countries could send prices sharply higher.


Trade Enquiries


A list of trade enquiries is enclosed.





Economy (News extracts)

(Sunday Observer – 26.12.2004)

The Economy had grown over 5.5 percent during the first nine months of year 2004 despite the oil shock and the severe drought that prevailed in the second and third quarters of the year.

Accordingly, in the third quarter of the year the GDP growth rate is five percent at constant prices (1998), which is 0.5 percent below the growth rate of the third quarter of last year, an official of the Department of Census and Statistics (DCS) said. Economic analysts say that this is really a very satisfactory achievement under adverse internal and external conditions.

Since the fourth quarter of the year, economic activities of all sectors have functioned well, and a growth rate of more than 5.5% can be expected for the year, they have predicted.


Lanka Business Online – 6.1.2005

It is said that the recent Tsunami disaster will cut Sri Lanka’s economic growth by one percent this year, though the medium impact over the medium term will not be significant.  Sri Lanka’s US$ 17 billion economy is expected to grow by 5.0 to 5.5 percent this year, though the reconstruction bill is estimated to cost the country about US$ 1.5 billion.


Sri Lanka’s Global Exports/Imports

Month                          Imports                        Exports

September 2004         US$ 610.91 million      US$ 536.53 million

October 2004              US$ 649.80 million      US$ 568.82 million


Bilateral trade

Sri Lanka’s imports from India

September 2004 – US$ 80.66 million

October 2004 – US$ 81.92 million

Sri Lanka’s exports to India

September 2004 – US$ US$ 39.19 million

October 2004 – US$ 40.69 million




It has been reported that on an average, tourist spending has increased from US$64 to US$ 70 and the number of tourist arrivals has increased from 338,050 to 375,630 in the nine months of year 2004 – an increase of 11% over the comparable period in 2003. 


Trade Enquiries


A list of trade enquiries is enclosed.




Thailand’s Economic Outlook 2004


As of November 2004, the Fiscal Policy Office estimates that the country’s economy in 2004 will grow by 6.3 percent, driven mainly by real export of goods and services which hikes by 17.8 percent.  For international trade, export value stands at US$ 94.3 billion, up by 20.3 percent, while imports grew 26.1 percent to US$ 93.5 billion Baht.  Trade balance, thus, is in a surplus of US$ 0.8 billion.


Impact on Thailand’s overall economy after the Tsunami


The impact will have negative effect on the economic in the year 2005.  The fourth quarter of each year is the time when most tourists come to Thailand.  But since the disaster unfolded towards the end of the fourth quarter of 2004, the negative effect of the disaster on Thailand’s macroeconomic is expected to show in the year 2005.


Steel anti-dumping duty


The newly appointed Industry Minister has called for a further 3 month waiver of imposition of anti-dumping duty on steel.  AD duty on steel from 14 countries, including INDIA, was imposed in March 2004.  In the face of protests from automobile and electrical goods manufacturers, the government granted an extension.  The AD duty was reimposed on 17th September 2004. 


Visitor arrivals


The Thai tourism industry reported 5.51 million arrivals in the first six months of 2004, up 28% over the same period in 2003.  Tourist arrivals from India went up by 53% to touch 144,659 tourists.


Trade with India - January-September 2004


Thailand's exports to India for the above period was US $ 676.1 million, an increase of 41% compared to the same period in 2003.    The imports from India for the same period was US$ 895.7 million, an increase of 42% compared to the same period in 2003.


Trade enquiries


A list of trade enquiries is enclosed.






Vietnam overcame various difficulties to obtain a GDP growth rate of almost 7.7 percent in 2004, a four-year record, ranking the second in Southeast Asia.  The achievement was of great significance as the country had to cope with adverse weather which caused flash floods and prolonged drought, the outbreak of avian flu and increases in prices for material inputs.    Another outstanding achievement of the country’s economy in 2004 was its successful efforts in mobilizing almost 16 billion USD, up 19 percent year on year and making up 36.3 percent of the country’s GDP, for social development projects and programmes.  Vietnam’s economic growth has helped create jobs for 1.5 million people and reduce the poverty rate to around 8.3 percent.


The economic achievements in 2004 have created favourable conditions for Vietnam to realize its target of a 8.5 percent rise in GDP in year 2005.


Exports/ Imports


The brightest point in Vietnam’s economic outlook in 2004 was its export revenue of 26 billion USD, a seven-year high and an increase of almost 30 percent compared to 2003.  Export volume represented 3.82 billion USD or 65.5 percent of the 5.82 billion USD export earning rise while price increases made up only 2 billion USD or 34.5 percent of the total.


Vietnam’s import value also jumped in 2004.  Consequently, the country registered a trade deficit of about 5.52 billion USD, also a record so far.  It mainly purchased material, fuel, equipment and machinery for capital construction and for export production.


Vietnam’s trade ministry forecast that imports would rise 14 percent in 2005 to $36 billion and exports would increase by 17 percent to $30.5 billion, resulting in a trade gap of $5.5 billion. 




Vietnam received 2.9 million foreign visitors this year, an increase of 19 percent over last year.  It is reported that revenue from business related to tourism in Vietnam grew by 19 percent this year to about US$ 1.72 billion.


Trade enquiries


A list of trade enquiries is enclosed.












Mr. Denis Hayes, Managing Director

Asiankape Sdn.Bhd.

Suite 2201, 22/F, Central Plaza, 34 Jalan Sultan Ismail, 50250 Kuala Lumpur

Tel 03 21481899 Fax 03 21417899

Traders, importers, exporters, Consultancy and Management


Mr. Thomas Arthur Hart, Marketing President

AZ Pharmaceuticals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

Ground Floor, Wisma Prima, No.17 Jalan Seri Semantan Satu, Damansara Heights

50490 Kuala Lumpur

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Marketing and trading of pharmaceutical products


Mr. Scott Snavely, Managing Director

3M Malaysia SDN Bhd

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Traders serving the markets of Aerospace, automotive, construction, consumer market, dental, electrical, electronics, health care, image graphics, industrial market, manufacturing, maintenance, marine, media office market, packaging, pharmaceuticals, safety, security, telecommunications and transport safety.


Mr. Datuk Jimmy Lau Hieng Wui, Managing Director

Jim Logs Timber Exporter Sdn Bhd

P.O. Box 1258, 98000 Miri, Sarawak

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Traders in Timber


Mr. Manu Duhlanomall, Managing Director

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Traders, exporters and importers of furnishing fabrics, textiles, garments, winter wear, defence clothing and packaging materials (bop, cellophane, cigarette paper, tipping paper, acetate film, polyester film, pvc film, tear tape, etc) think printing paper, silicone paper, masking paper, ring travelers and second hand textile machinery


Mr. Wong Chin Chong, Area Manager

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Import of stainless steel products


Mr K Selvam, Cheron Global Private Limited, Singapore      

HP: 90286971 Fax: 64416397 Email:

Import of iron ore, waste oil


Mr Zhiming Yang, Director & General Manager

Desuan International

128 Prinsep Street #02-01, Sin Thai Hin Building, Singapore 188655

Tel: 63456272 Fax: 63399778 Email:

Export of metallurgical coke


Mr Kugan, Bag Adventure Trading                                         

572A Serangoon Road, Singapore 218187                                                   

Tel: 63373889 Fax: 62970336 Email:

Export of railway sheet, metal and coal, pipe and pipe fittings, other scrap metals, military items


Mr Frankie Wong, Aladdin Refreshing Towel & Trading Pte Ltd.,                                         

9 Kaki Bukit Road 2, #04-02, Gordon Warehouse Building, Singapore 417842

Tel: 67443890 Fax: 65471048 Email:

Export of disposable baby diapers and women's sanitary napkins


Mr Abdul Wahab, Coral Solutions                                                      

88 Arab Street, Singapore 199784                                                    

Tel: 67755655 Fax: 62718657 HP: 93856953 Email:

Import of pens, diaries, T-shirts, various corporate gift items 


Ms Vina Yeow, Zelkova Trading                                 

Blk. 20 Toa Payoh Lorong 6   #01-732, Singapore 310020

Tel: 92396026             Fax: 62341396            Email:

Import of dried coconut fibres


Mr/Ms Torrance Goh, Cabeto

Blk 102, Bt Batok West Ave 6, Singapore 650102

Tel: 67473007             Fax: 67448673            Email:

Import of beedies

Mr William Chew K H, Sales Engineer                                                                      

Agilis Communication Technologies  Pte Ltd.,

100 Jurong East Street 21 Level 4, St Electronics Jurong East Bldg., Singapore 609602

Tel: 65687310 Fax: 65676370 Email:

Import / export of door sensors


Mr Jamaludin Bin Rahmat, Adpack Distribution Services                                         

Blk 119 #04-254, Pending Road, Singapore 670119

Tel: 68923722 Email:

Import of plastic mats - straw or pp materials


Mr Sam Sng, General Manager

Kamay Global Pte Ltd.,

32 Ang Mo Kio Indl. Park 2      #04-16, Sing Indl. Complex,    Singapore 569510

Tel: 64831055             Fax: 64830255

Import of cotton - facial       


Ms. Jessica Chua, M3 Trading & Services

734 Jurong West St. 73, # 05-08, Singapore 640734 – Fax 65340331

Import of Goa cashew nut – looking for wholesalers/ processors


Mr. Tat Wai, Singapore – Tel 65414235 Fax 64900695 Email

Import of Indian Aftermint (Sanuf)


Ms. Rebecca Ivy Ng

Lucky Ship Management Pte Ltd.

89, Short Street, # 10-03, Golden Wall Centre, Singapore 188216

Tel 63388155 Fax 63390877

Import of iron ore – looking for miners


Mr. Lim Teck Kong, Commercial Manager

Haz Consultant Pte Ltd

4015, Ang Mo Kio Indl. Park 1 # 01-303, Singapore 569631

Tel 62438813 Fax 62438813 Email

Import of iron ore and natural rubber


Mr. Harry Goh, Sr. Marketing Executive

Singapore Test Services Pte Ltd

249, jalan Boon Lay, Singapore 619523

Tel 66607375 Fax 62612617 Email

Looking for a big importer and distributor for testing and measuring equipment


Mr. Vincent Ting, Sales Engineer

Yeo Eng Koon (S) Pte Ltd.

No.1, Defu Lane 8, Singapore 539305

Tel 62855995 Fax 62841298

Mechanical Engineering Consultants & Gas dealers




Mr. Jere, Copytron Office Products Pte Ltd

No.9 Eunos Ave 8A, Copytron Bldg., Singapore 409461

Tel 67487800 fax 67487843

Import of copier toner and spare parts


Mr. Aaghir Yadav, Buttcheeks Inc.

260 Orchard Road, # 05-15a, The Heeren Shops, Singapore 238855

Tel 67353045 Email

Import of swimwear, slippers


Mr. Chua Kim Huat, Logistics Manager

Presscrete Engineering Pte Ltd.

31 Changi South Ave 2, Singapore 486478

Tel 65 429315 Fax 65 457880 Email

Import of construction equipment


Mr. Richard L.C. Pang, Managing Consultant Pte Ltd

151 North Buona Vista Road, Phase Z Ro Technopreneur Park,

The Connection Block, # 01-07, Singapore 139347

Tel 68736820 Fax 68733669 Email

Export of iron ore owners and scrap metal


Ms. Cynthia Teoh, Logo Wear Marketing

705, Sims Drive, # 04-18A, Blk B, Shun Li Indl. Complex, Singapore 387384

HP 91833121 Fax 67472338 Email

Import of high fashion ladies garments


Merchant importers

Art Tree Pte Ltd., 11 Pandan Cresent, #02-02, Singapore 128467

Bags, Stationery, Fine Jewellery


Bellucci & Co. Pte Ltd., 70 Portchester Avenue, Singapore 556352

Merchant Importers


Bizmode Trading, 75 High Street, #05-01 Wisma Sugnomal, Singapore 179435

Merchant Importers


Deetansa Singapore Pte Ltd.,

3 Shenton Way #10-02, Shenton House, Singapore 068805

International Trading In Ferrous / Non-Ferrous Metals & Scraps


Diplomatic Business Pte. Ltd.

77 High Street , #05-05 High Street Plaza Singapore 179433

Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components


Gencore (S) Pte Ltd., North Bridge Road, Singapore 760212

Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components









Mr. Gemunu De Soysa, Managing Director , Maarji Herbal Products,

Wadagolla Road, Madawala Ulpotha, Matale, Sri Lanka

Tel 00 94 66 2247637 Fax 00 94 66 2247637

Interested in getting a foreign buyer to export their herbal products direct and also a reliable investor who could help them to expand their business so that they could entrust the entire marketing process to such investor on a firm agreement.


Mr. J.T. Weerasuriya, Chairman & Mg. Director, Araliya International (Pvt) Ltd

No.76, UDA Industrial Estate, Katuwana Road, Homagama, Sri Lanka

Tel 94 11 2894848, 4408630, 4442634 Fax 94 11 4408631

Email Website

Manufacturers of complete seats for new motor cars, boats, buses, three wheelers and vans and for Railway Observations Saloons.  Keen to promote their products in the Indian market thru concession available with the Indo Lanka Free Trade Agreement.


Mr. L.P. Kandiah, Partner, Eastern Produce Exports

81/4/1, Negombo Road, Peliyagoda

Tel 00 94 11 2910915-7, 2910816 Fax 2910816 Email

Mr. D.M. Rajapakse, Managing Director, Samson (Exports) Ltd

110 Kumaran Ratnam Road, Colombo 2 (PO Box 778)

Tel 94 11 2925063, 2925181, 2320978-9, 4728862

Fax 2440890, 2925281 Email Web:

Importers of polypropylene bags


Mr. Cecil Perera, Partner, S.D.R. Enterprises, Sri Lanka


Interested in import of polymer papers for manufacturing filter papers (They are in the production of fuel, oil & air filters for vehicles like Leyland and Tata buses.)


Shenman Sons Ltd., 23, Sri Sangaraja Mawatha, Colombo 10

Tel 2435566, 2436761 Fax 541069, 075 332918 Email

Dessicated coconut


Fezro Enterprises, 11, Keels Housing Complex, Gonawala

Tel 2917917, 2912910 Fax 2912910 Email

Fabric measuring machinery


Nanjis (Ceylon) Limited, 83, Prince Street, Colombo 11

Tel 24449021 Fax 2438629

Potatoes, onions, groundnuts, lentils


Silicone Coating Pvt. Ltd., 67, Kumaradasa Mawatha, Matara

Tel 94 041 2224260-3 Fax 94-041 2222041 Email

Can making machinery



Ajanee Paudam Industries, Habarana Road, Palugaswewa - Fax 02523351

Papadam making machinery


Empyrean Food International P. Ltd., 84, 1/1 Hill Street, Dehiwela

Telefax 94 11 206077 Email

Photocopy paper, textile printing materials


All Ceylon Cinnamon Union, Elpitiya Road, Nawadagala

Tel 94 1 2291701 Fax 94 1 2291076 Email



Shani Manufacturers & Exporters, 240 Hapugoda, Kandana - Telefax 94 11 2231377

Fibre twisting machinery


Ceylon Biscuits Ltd., Colombo 4 - Email



Tyre Zone, 63, Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 4 - Tel 074 517788 Fax 074 525021

Butyl tubes


Mr. H.V.L. Abeywickrama

“Style” 119/A, Ramanayaka Shopping Complex, Galle Road, Dehiwela



DeSoysa & Co. Ltd., P.O.Box No. 207, No.810 Maradana Road, Colombo 10

Telefax 2684905

Sugarcane crusher


Dr. H.M. de Alwis, Tel 011 4614333 Fax 4614376

Fertilizer, phosphate


Ministry of Small & Rural Industries, 780, Maradana Road, Colombo 10

Tel 26692080 Fax 2669273

Machinery/ instruments


Ghouse Cottage Industries  - Email

Animal Feed


Mr. Senarath Ekanayake, Galle Motors P Ltd.

328, High Leel Road, Makumbara, Pannipitiya

Telefax 011 2780682, 011 24402433

Three wheelers, motor cycles, auto spares


Mr. George Joseph, Light Post No. 38, Marikkarampalai Road, Ganeshapuram, Vavuniya, Sri Lanka

Gas filled mechanical thermostat for poultry incubators


T.K. Engineers, Sri Chandrasekara Road, Hretuduwa, Moratuwa

Fax 2644016 Email




Athweltota Hydro Enterprises, 12/3 Uswatta Circular Road, Moratuwa

Fax 2451126 Email

Mini hydro power plants


Mr. Alhakoon, No. 6, Ampitiya Road, Kandy – Tel 0812 32561



The Secretary, Ministry of Trade & Commerce & Consumer Affairs, CWE, Secretariat Street, Colombo 02

Tel 91 11 2302600 Fax 91 11 2435562 Email

Solar cookers


Colombo Tea Blenders P. Ltd., 141 Vauxhall Street, Colombo 2

Tel 91 11 233154, 2329360, Fax 91 11 2445925 Email

Brass hinges and locks


Fezro Enterprises, 11 Keels Housing Complex, Gonawala (WP) 11630

Tel 91 11 2917917, Fax 91 11 2912910 Email

Kitchen equipments


Mr. W. Galagamamudali, Aire Pvt. Ltd., Colombo – Fax 2806855



Sesatha Enterprises, No.699A, Soysapura, Galle Road, Moratuwa

Tel 2634695 Fax 2611471

Steel sheets


Heman Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., Hemans Bldg., 36 Bristol St., Colombo 1

Tel 2448320, 2541095, fax 2437695 Email

Pharmaceuticals and surgicals


Eurasia Plant P. Ltd., no.65 ½ Sri Sumanatisa Mw, Colombo 12

Tel 94 11 4734730 Fax 94 11 2473062

Agro products, spices


Lanka Phosphate Ltd., 73/1/1, New Kelani Bridge Road, Colombo 14

Tel 94 11 2459906-7 Fax 94 11 2459908

Sulfuric Acid


Tropical Seed Co. Pvt. Ltd., 127, W.A.D. Ramanayake Mawatha, Colombo

Tel 2421356

Fertilizer, coated urea, pesticides, drip and sprinklers


Kamazu Pvt Ltd., 16/2m Schofield Place, Kollupitiya, Colombo 3

Tel 2552955, 2552957, fax 2552958 Email



A.H.M. Mubasshir, No.9/2 Samagi Place, Keselwatta – Tel 038 2298384

Fancy items


Vauhall Mills Corporation, 53, Alakeshwara Road, Ethul Kotte, Kotte

Tel 2866844, 2867033 Fax 2864198

Medicinal herbs


Thanujaa Enterprises, 71 Shoe Road, Colombo 13

Tel 9 11 2451716, 2470465 Fax 94 11 2342138 Email

Rice mill machinery


Mudalige & Sons Co., 75/1, Pickering Road, Kotahena, Colombo 13

Tel 4612355 Fax 2343921

Plastic machinery


R & Jay Enterprises, 19/4, Pagoda Road, Nugegoda

Tel 94 11 2820777,2816000 Fax 94 11 2821999

Tyres and tubes


Aromatic Laboratories Pvt Ltd.

120/3, Aramaya Road, Dematagoda, Colombo 9

Tel 2691816, Fax 2683278 Email

Confectionery machinery


Far East Trade Services, 31 Seibal Avenue, Colombo 5 - Telefax 2852782

Cotton yarn


Saram Enterprises Complex, No.97 Archbishop Niculus Marcus, Mawatha

Tel 91 031 2220557, 2220558 Fax 91 031 2220560 Email

Electronic motors


Safsi Traders, 76, 22, 3rd Cross Street, Colombo 11

Tel 2433923 Fax 4721622

Chocolate/ popcorn making machinery


JBS Shipping Services Ltd., 23/2, Shrubbery Gardens, Colombo 4

Tel 587964 Fax 502080 Email

Want to contact IT companies


Kavin Polymers Pvt Ltd., 556 Lake Road, Boralesgamuwa

Tel 2509029 Fax 2509002 Email

Steam heated platern


Distilleries Co. of Sri Lanka Ltd., PO Box 1756, 110 Norris Canal Road, Colombo 10

Tel 695295-7 Fax 696399 Email

Copper sheet


Mrs. S. Dubash – Email

Pharmaceuticals, medical equipments


Omega Line Ltd., Kosenwatta, Irabadagama, Sandalankawa

Tel 94 31 4879000 Fax 94 31 4879034 Email

Jersey fabric


STC General Trading Co. Ltd., 100, Nawam Mawatha, Colombo 2

Tel 94 1 2422341-4,  Fax 94 1 2447970

Aluminium powder


Wayamba Advertising Co. Pvt. Ltd., 22, Kandy Road, Sudharma Mawatha, Millawa, Kurunegala - Tel 037 2227867 Fax 94 037 2225446

Aluminium sheet


Mr. S.B. Ekanayake, 747-B Cemetery Road, Pannipittya

Tel 077 3067331

Tractor and agricultural equipments


Prabano India Traqders Ltd., 127, W.A.D. Ramanayake, Mawatha, Colombo 2

Tel 94 11 2423443, 2314872, Fax 94 11 2421356, 2438046

Industrial chemicals


Volanka Limited, 193, Minuwangoda Road, Kotugoda

Tel 2236365, 2243637 Fax 94 11 2232941 Email

Coir fibre machinery


Polychemex Pvt Ltd., 271 Galle Road, Mount Lavinia

Tel 725124, 730686 Fax 94 1 766348 Email

Agro chemicals


Deldem Group P. Ltd., Phase II, E.P.Z. Katunayake

Tel 94 11 2251026 Fax 94 11 2251029

Expandable polystyrene Beeds (EPS)


Kamal Cables Pvt Ltd., 56 Kandawala Mawatha, Ratmalana

Tel 2624800, Fax 2635520

Cable wire


Ms. Indika Attanayake, Tradesmann SL (Pvt) Ltd.

Tel 00 94 115565641/2/3 Email

Exporters of General Hardware, Builder Hardware and electrical and tyre products


Merchant importers


Niranji Export Enterprises

Address : 69,1/4 B,Farm Road, Colombo 001 ,Sri Lanka
Phone : 94-11-2521859 Mobile : 94011777380385

Cashew Nut, Waste Papers, Garments, Vegetable


Daya Group

362, Colombo Road, Pepiliyana, Boralesgamuwa, Colombo 20245 ,Sri Lanka

Rice Milling Machinery


Evergreen Associates

17/2 Subasadaka Mawatha Pamunugama Rd, Maharagama 10280 ,Colombo ,Sri Lanka Toilet Soap, Noodles And Industrial Chemicals







Soonthorn Metal Industries, 60/10 Moo 6, Eakkachai Rd., Bangbon, Bangkok 10150

Tel 662 415 0050-3

Importer of stainless steel


Thai Industrial Refrigeration Components, 272 Bangpu Industrial Estate Soi 4, Tambon Prakkasa, Muang, Samutprakarn 10280 - Tel 0 2710 6515-8

Importer and exporter of electric goods


Recycle Concept Co. Ltd., 1078/7 Chan Rd., Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120

Tel 662 673 2590-4 Fax 662 673 2595 Website

Manufacturer and exporter of recycled inkjet cartridge


Golden P. Co. Ltd., 17/1001-3 Soi 13, Wongwaeng Daengphratip, Bangkhunthien Chaithalae Road, Thakam, Bangkhunthien, Bangkok 10150 - Tel: 0 2897-4835-9

Exporter of high carbon steel in coils hardened and tempered


RCD Auto Tech Co Ltd., 501/96 Nanglinchee Rd., Chongnonsi, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120 - Tel 662 678 0945-6, 662 285 2034-5 Fax 662 285 2505

Importers of bench brake lathe


Royal Intertrade Co. Ltd., 3 Soi Vorapoj 1, Chan Rd., Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120 - Tel  2675 2291

Importers of routers/ plasma/ jewelry machinery


The Thai Silk Industries Ltd - Email

Import of decorative items


Pacific Krishna Limited, 12 CC, Sino-Thai Tower,32/33, Asoke Road, Sukhumvit Soi 21, 12th Fl, Klogtoey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 - Tel 662260-1240-2 Fax 662 260 1229

Import of foundry coke, FeSi, foundry pig iron, FeMn


H.P. Furniture Mfg. Co. Ltd., 293 Moo 2 Soi Virunrad, Setthakit 1 Road, Omnol, Krathumban Samutsakorn 74130 - Tel 0 2810 1224

Importers of home and office furniture


SpaCrafts Co. Ltd - Email

Thai natural products


Keihin Auto Parts (Thailand) Co. Ltd., Rojana Industrial Park No. 1/74, Moo 5 Rojana Road, Tambol Karnharn, Amphur U-Thai, Pranakorn Sri Ayutthaya 13210

Tel 0 3533 0916-9, 226 573-4 Fax 662 35 330915

Export of auto parts


Scrap and Secondary Metal (Asia) Co. Ltd., 179, Jaransanitwongse Road, Kwang Bangplad, Kate Bangplad, Bangkok 10700 Tel 662 880 2964-5, 0 2880 2451-3 Fax 662 880 2450 - Email

Import and export of all kinds of scrap

Bellini Dezign Co. Ltd.,513, Praditmanutham Rd., Wangthonglang, Bangkok 10310

Fax 0 2934 4340 Email

Importers of furniture, furnishings and lighting equipment




Mr. Plengsakdi Prakaspesat, President, Thai Central Chemical Plc

205 United Flourmill Bldg., Rajawongse Road, Samphantawongse, Bangkok 10100

Tel 662 223 0340 Fax 662 224 5666 Email

Manufacturers of fertilizer and flour mill


Mr. Anen Aung-aphinant, Chairman, Wongwaiwit Machine Tools Co. Ltd

190, North Samrong, Sukhumvit Road, Samutprakarn 10540, Thailand

Tel 662 233 4170 Fax 662 639 5301, 2369555 Email

Mfrs. of machine parts, importers/ distributors of machine tools and accessories.


Mr. Viraj Klewpatinond, Managing Director, Popular Products Co. Ltd.

2198/10 Soil Taweewatana, Chan Road, Chongnonsri, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120

Tel 662 7637878 Fax 662 763 7879 Email

Manufacturers of plastics


Mr. Suraporn Simakulthorn, President, Kulthorn Kirby Public Co. Ltd.

44/1 Moo 7, Chalongkrung Rd, Khwaeng Lamplatew, Khet Ladkrabang, Bangkok 10520,

Tel 662 326 0529 32, Fax 662 326 0837

Email Website

Manufacturers of Hermetic compressors, PSC and shaded pole motors


Mr. Sommart Prapertchob, Managing Director, Trammos Food Development Co. Ltd.

Chaiyo Bldg. 12th Floor, 19/1, Rama 9 Rd., Huaykwang, Bangkok 10310, Thailand

Tel 662 643 8058-9, Fax 662 643 1197 Email

Food processing and manufacturing


Mr. Thawee Piyapatana, Managing Director, Mr. Thawatchai Ratanapisit, Director, and Ms. Pinsuda Mukkitikan, Marketing Executive

Pacific Fish Processing Co. Ltd.

27/4 Moo 7, Kaoseng-Jana Rd., Tambol Kaoroubchang, Amphur Muang, Songkhla 90000 - Tel 66 74 336 011-6 Fax 66 74 337104


Manufacture & producer: frozen seafood & variety of processed seafood products


Ms. Aunada Phruttinarakorn, Managing Director

SCI Electric Manufacturer Co. Ltd., 107/1, Moo 1, Bangna-Trad Road (Km 27), Bangboor, Samutprakarn, 10560

Tel 662 338 1414-8, 361-8014-5 Fax 662 708-0326, (66-38) 451-478

Email Website

Medium low voltage switchboard, cable trays support system, transmission line tower, telecom tower and substation steel structure



Mr Panom Kuansataporn, President & Managing Director

Mr. Mitchai Pholwa, Marketing Executive

Asia Panel Co. Ltd., 71 Moo 6, Tambol Nongchumpol, Amphur Khaoyoy, Petchaburi 76140 – Tel 662 415 0054, 416 3911, 416 3912, Fax 662 453 1257


Manufacturing of and particle board and laminated board


Mr. Thanun Jaturonnatee, Business Development Manager

Mr. Silapachai Boonrai, Deputy Factory Manager

Union Nifco Co. Ltd., 99 Moo 5, Bangna-Trad Road (Km 38) Bangsamak, Bangpakong, Chachoengsao 24180 Thailand

Tel 66 38 842 130to 5 Fax 66 38 842 129, 539 765 Website

Manufacturing of industrial plastic parts and components


Mrs. Supatra Sirinakul, President

Mr. Vinai Suthathipkul, Managing Director & Marketing Manager

International DeeO Co. Ltd., 135/7-8, Arunamarin Road, Bangkok-noi, Bangkok 10700

Tel 662 433 7069, Fax 424 0353 Email,

Manufacturers of garments and jeans


Mr. Sothitorn Mallikamas, - Email

To meet with Iron and Steel manufacturers











Mr. Tran Thanh Long

Royal Ceramic Tiles Company Limited

Tel 84 8 8627777 Fax 84 8 8620500 Email


Ceramic tiles, porcelain polished/ unpolished tiles


Mr. Le Vu Hung, Marketing Executive

Saigon Tea Company (Vinatea HCM)

225 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Str., Dist. 3, HCMC, Vietnam

Tel 84 8 8483311 Extn.19 Website:

Interested in contacting Indian importers of Tea


Tanhoanglan ,

1/6a Binh Long Str, Binh Phu Dist, Ho Chi Minh City ,Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam

Polyester Yarn


Artexhanoi ,

172 Ngockhanh, Hanoi 84 ,Vietnam

Bamboo & Wooden Crafts


Dai Hoa Trading & Manufacturing Co., Ltd

193 Le Van Quoi Street, Binh Tri Dong Ward, Binh Tan District, Ho Chi Minh City 08 Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh ,Vietnam

Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components



No. 5, Lang Ha Str., Ha Noi ,Dong Bang Song Hong ,Vietnam

Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components


Hang Xanh International Company Ltd.,

173, Dien Bien Phu Street, Binh Thanh Dist, Hochiminh City, Can Tho 84 ,Dong Bang Song Cuu Long ,Vietnam

Steel & Stainless Steel Products & Components


Chien Thang Marine Product  Company

477 Hai Ba Trung Street, Ward 8, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel/ fax: (84-8) 8469596, Contact: Mr. Nguyen Van Dung, Deputy Director (Business)

Import/trade chemicals (carbonatnatri (Na2Co3), sulphatnatri (Na2So4); fishing net; fishing boat engines; machines for locating points/places


Connel Bros. Company Ltd.

32A,  Truong Dinh Street, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: 8223123Fax: 848-8258459 - Mr. Nguyen Van Tu, in charge of chemical section,

Organic chemicals of all kinds









25th-27th March, 2005 – The 10th Mekong Tourism Forum is organized by PATA in association with Asian Development Bank, UNESCAP and Cambodian Tourism Ministry.  This Forum is being organized at Siem Riep, Cambodia, to effectively market the Mekong-subregion comprising of six Nations – Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam and Yunnan province, China (PRC) as a single destination.  For more details, log on to or www.cambodia.travelwith




6th-9th April, 2005 – Automechanika Asia 2005 – ASEAN’s leading business forum for the automotive OE and aftermarket sector at Kuala Lumpur.  For details, contact


Sri Lanka


19th-21st May, 2005 - IMEXPRO 2005 - Import Export Promotion Fair organised by The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce in association with The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Sri Lanka Export Development Board, The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka, at BMICH, Colombo.  For further details, contact Senior Assistant Secretary General, The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce, Colombo, Tel 00 94 1 422084, 329143, Fax 449352, 381012 Email Website:




4th-6th February, 2005 - TIEE 2005 - Thailand International Education Exhibition 2005 at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre, Bangkok.  For details, contact Dept of Export Promotion, Bangkok – Email or visit the websites


22nd-27th February, 2005 - Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair at Impact Exhibition & Convention Center, Bangkok, at Thai Gem and Jewelry Traders Association.  For details, contact: or visit the websites


18th-22nd May, 2005 - Thaifex - World of Food Asia 2005 at Impact Exhibition Centre, Bangkok.  For details, contact


25th June-3rd July, 2005 – ASIA Expo – Exhibition displaying variety of products, such as electronic appliances, food, books, communication tools, etc. and 25th June-3rd July, 2005 – Food & Beverage Festival 2005, at Impact Exhibition Centre -  For details, contact Tel 02 504 5100, 5086, 5087, 5103 Fax 02 504 5114-5


14th-19th Sept., 2005 – 36th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2005 – For details, contact Tel 02 630 1390 Fax 02 630 1399 Website





9th-14th March, 2005 – Central Highlands Festival 2005 to be held in Buon Ma Thuot city, to celebrate the 100th founding anniversary of the city and 30th anniversary of Buon Ma Thuot victory.  The exhibition-trade fair will be for cultural, economic, trade and tourism relations exchanges among local and about 350 foreign enterprises that are expected to participate in the event.  For more details, visit the website


Domestic events


Jan 31-Feb 3, 2005 – IILF 2005 – 20th India International Leather Fair at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai.  For details, contact India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi. Tel 011 23371390, 1822 Fax 011 23371874, 1492 Email Websites:


February 23-26, 2005 - India Rubber Expo 2005 - 3rd International Exhibition, Conference and Buyer-Seller Meet, at NSE Complex, Goregaon (E), Mumbai.  For further details, contact the organizers - India Rubber Expo, Mumbai. Tel 022 5692 0500 Fax 022 5692 0600 Email Website:


4th-8th March, 2005 – AAHAR 2005 – Exhibition on processed foods, processing, packing and refrigeration machinery, agricultural products, hotel.  For details, log on to


10th-13th Oct, 2005 – Heimtextile India 2005.– India International Trade Fair for Home and Household Textiles & Accessories at Mumbai.  For details, log on to


8th-10th Dec., 2005 – IFE India 2005 – India’s only trade focused platform for the food, drink and hospitality industry, at New Delhi.  For details, log on to